Furnace Tune Up and Repair

The warmth and comfort of your home and family is high on the priority list for you. At Sandy Heating & Air, it’s just as important. In the Sandy and Salt Lake city area, where winter weather can be brutal and unpredictable, there are even more benefits to keeping your heating system well-maintained than your comfort, important as that may be. Start your Winter Season with a Furnace Tune Up.

Discounted Furnace Tune Up and RepairFurnace Tune Up and Repair

Heating and Furnace Repair & Maintenance

When your heater runs correctly, it’s a lot like a well-oiled machine: quiet, reliable and efficient. When something goes wrong however, the volume increases along with your power bill. What does not increase when things go wrong is your comfort level.

Furnace Tune Up and Repair Sandy Utah

Regular heater or furnace maintenance helps to keep the system running properly and reliably, but it also helps extend the life of the equipment. This also provides the opportunity for the service technician to identify any portions that require a little extra attention or even a replacement. Components continually in use will wear out eventually. Regular inspections of your heating system will help to ensure that these normal event don’t take you by surprise.

Annual Furnace Tune Up in Salt Lake City

When you schedule your annual heating maintenance service, typically recommended in early autumn, the Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning technician will inspect your heater, ductwork and thermostat. Depending on whether you have a traditional furnace, a heat pump or a forced air central heating system, the tech will inspect the pilot light and gas pressure, heat exchanger, safety circuits and electrical wiring. The technician will calibrate the thermostat, change the filter and visually inspect for debris accumulated dust or leaves. If you have a boiler or oil furnace, the process will vary somewhat, but the level of care and attention to detail will be identical.

Furnace Tune Up and Repair


Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning understands that every client makes home repair choices based on a family budget. When you need to get one more year out of your old furnace, they will do everything in their power to help you eke out that one last year. That’s how members of a community take care of each other. And when you are ready for that new furnace, they will be there to make sure you get the right system for you.


Contact Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning today for Furnace Tune Up, or for a complete analysis of your current system’s condition. They guarantee your complete satisfaction and a warm, comfortable home all winter long, even in northern Utah.

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