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The evaporator and the condenser are the two major components of a central air conditioning system.  The evaporator coil is attached on the main duct (plenum) just above the furnace.  The condenser is typically located outside the building/home on a slab made of concrete.

More often than not, central air conditioning systems are built into the forced air distribution system of the home.  Meaning, the majority of the same pieces of the system (ie, the motor) are used for both cooling and heating.

The condensers and evaporators are both sealed for safety.  If any repairs, maintenance, or anything more involved needs to happen, a service provider is required to perform them.  Sandy Heating and Air is the perfect fit to do so for your system, since we not only service Sandy, but across the Wasatch Front.

Ideally, central air conditioning units are inspected each year in the spring prior to when the A/C units get the most usage: summer months.

There are other common types of A/C systems.  Many people choose to use swamp/evaporative coolers or standalone window units.  Regardless of the type of A/C system a home has, care and attention doesn’t end with just a yearly tune up.  There are also things a homeowner can do to minimize the risk of a future issue (and future repairs).  Like any other appliance in your home, your HVAC system should receive the same attention.

Common Air Conditioning Problems in Sandy Utah

Any part of an A/C unit might need to be replaced, as they are often a bit complex.  However, there is a list of some of the more common issues that happen to air conditioners:

  • Wiring Gone HaywireWiring can, unfortunately, wear out from years and years of use.  Whether or not it was installed correctly, wiring can be exhausted.  As you can imagine, bad wiring is serious hazard and should not be taken lightly.
  • Low RefrigerantRefrigerant is a chemical that cools the air and is present in many A/C systems.  Often times, topping off the refrigerant isn’t enough.  If it is running low, that could potentially mean there’s a leak which requires immediate attention.
  • Outside Fan IssuesIf the fan isn’t working, hot air inside a building cannot be moved outside.  Obviously, this is an issue if heat cannot be transferred.
  • Outside Unit Issues: You’ll know if your outside unit isn’t working because you’ll have no A/C power.  Unfortunately, the cause of this could be many different reasons.
  • Frozen CoilsSometimes your AC unit can be working too well and be working too much.  This is also a problem that can lead to a frozen coil.  Oftentimes this is a sign of an airflow problem.

Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help with any and all of your air conditioning needs.  We are please to be Sandy’s trusted service provider.