Air Conditioning Repair Sandy Utah

It’s hard to know for sure if your air conditioning unit is working correctly and efficiently without a professional examination and inspection.  We are proud, at Sandy Heating and Air, to staff qualified and trained professionals that can conduct these exams and answer any pressing questions you may have about your A/C unit.  Using an advanced combination of specific diagnostic techniques and electronic testing equipment, we’re able to solve any A/C system mystery in no time.

Air Conditioning Repair Sandy Utah

All along the Wasatch Front, residents’ HVAC systems account for the majority of their yearly electric bill.  If your heating and cooling system are not well maintained and are not running efficiently, you’ll run your system more which will lead to your bills increasing.  Not only is this bad for your wallet, but it is bad for the environment too.  Maintenance costs much less than repairs and replacements down the road.  Our customers whose air conditioners receive yearly service can save up to 25% in electrical consumption and can reduce a system malfunction by up to 90%!

With regular usage and even routine maintenance, unfortunately, wiring wears out, leaks happen, and parts fail to work properly.  Because these things cannot always be foreseen or planned for, we are pleased to offer, at Sandy Heating and Air, same-day service calls provided by our experienced technicians.  Your knowledgable tech will arrive onsite with everything he’ll need.  If for some reason, your part must be ordered, Sandy Heating and Air uses one of the largest supplier networks in the Wasatch Front.  We will locate your part and have it installed quickly and painlessly.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Sandy Utah

Our extremely knowledgable and professional team utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot your HVAC unit and system.  Because our team is highly trained and specialized, we are able to complete the work quickly and painlessly.  Your system will be restored before you know it.

Let Sandy Heating and Air handle all your HVAC needs.  A/C tune ups, repair and replacement services or any questions you may have; we can handle it all!