Sandy Air Conditioner Installation

Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning takes a unique approach to air conditioner installation. Installing a new HVAC system can be inconvenient at best, but more often it is a complete disruption of your family’s lives.

Some Sandy Air Conditioning installation contractors are notorious for coming in, doing their work and leaving chaos and disorder their wake. Complete Comfort is committed to leaving your home in better condition than they found it. Always polite, respectful and considerate, you will never have to worry about cleaning up after the technicians.

Sandy Air Conditioner Installation

Installing a central air conditioning system can be a very involved process, depending on the scope of your project. The first step involves removing and disposing of your old equipment. As a part of that process, a technician will begin by recovering the coolant from the old system. Refrigerant is harmful to the environment, so it’s very important to not simply release it into the air. Next, the technicians will install any new ductwork or retrofits necessary on your existing ducts. Next comes the new equipment.

Setting new air conditioning components can be tricky, depending on how your home is placed on the lot and the type of fencing you have on the property. If the unit will be located on the roof, or if there is no clear access to the back yard, a crane may be used to hoist the unit up (or up and over). Once the equipment is set and level, the technicians will complete the necessary wiring connections, add refrigerant and fire up the new system.

AC Installation Sandy City

Depending on the type of equipment you have selected, some components may need to be installed in the home’s attic or above the ceiling. If you have purchased a package unit, all components are contained within one location. In the case of a spit system air conditioner, the compressor and condenser are typically located outside the home, either on a concrete pad on the ground or mounted on a platform on the roof. The evaporator coil and air handler are typically located inside, in a closet, attic or soffit.

Although air conditioner installation can be a hassle, Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning offers you their full satisfaction guarantee, along with their commitment to make the process as quick and painless as possible on your Salt Lake Air Conditioner installation.

Your new AC system is supposed to make your life easier and more comfortable and Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning believes, for the residents of northern Utah, that should begin the day of installation.