Sandy Heating Repair Services

Sandy Heating Repair ServicesNobody should deal with a heating repair midwinter, let alone a non-functioning furnace in the midst of winter.  It is best practice to include furnace maintenance and heating repairs services in your autumn checklist, well before winter sets in.

Furnaces in the United States are most often powered by natural gas, but can also be fueled by wood, electricity, coal, oil and liquefied petroleum gas.  Furnaces can use hot water or air or steam to heat an area.  Only a properly working furnace is as high as 98% efficient.

There are several problems that can occur that lead to a necessary repair.  These repairs and the replacing of parts should only be handled by a licensed contractor, such as Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning.  Furnaces use an intricate system as well as potentially hazardous fuels.

Need a Heating Repair?

There are many, many reasons that a furnace might not be working properly.  Some of the more common reasons include:

Thermostat issues:

A thermostat that is malfunctioning can lead to little or no heat.  This can, obviously, make people fairly uncomfortable.  Only an inspection will tell if repairs will be a quick and simple or if it will require greater repairs or parts to be replaced.

Air flow issues:

Air flow issues can be because of worn out belts, motors or bearings.  Any of these problems lead to overheating and little to no control of the air flow.

Dirty air filters:

Air filters must be changed regularly!  This is extremely important and can sometimes be overlooked.  Filter change frequency depends on how often your HVAC system is used.  By following their user guide, homeowners can quickly and safely change air filters themselves.

Pilot/ignition issues:

Without an ignited pilot light, in any case, and in any model, there will be no heat.

Subpar maintenance:

Little or no maintenance can quickly lead to unexpected breakdowns.  Your furnace cannot work properly with subpar maintenance and lack of attention.  Regular check-ups and scheduled maintenance will help you avoid any unforeseen repairs and is required to keep your system safe and functional.  A minor or major problem can occur if not properly maintained.

Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning will ensure that your furnace has the care and attention needed before there’s an issue.  We can’t wait to take your call.