Furnace Replacement Sandy Utah

Is your heating system starting to sound like that of screeching brakes?  Has your power bill sky rocketed?  Are you finding your teeth chattering at night and extra blankets piling up on your bed?  It may be time for a new and improved heating system.

Purchasing a new HVAC system can seem a bit intimidating because homeowners may not know what they should be looking for.  Like many things, the advancements made in HVAC systems is quite astounding.  Be ready to be surprised (in the best way) by the large selection available to you.

Furnace Replacement in Sandy Utah

In seasons past and present, Utah residents have purchased oversized furnaces and HVAC systems because bigger is better, right?  Well, not in this case.  Oversized furnaces are a bad idea for a few reasons.  Oversized systems will cost you a lot more money to run and can do a poor job of reliably keeping your home a comfortable temperature.

Oversized furnaces are infamously known for their quick and frequent off and on cycling (also known as “short cycling”).  This happens because the thermostat quickly reaches the set temperature shortly after turning on and is followed by a quick decrease in temperature.  Thus, the never ending short cycle begins.  As you can imagine, all this on and off business causes much wear and tear on your equipment and dramatically decreases its lifespan.

Broken Furnace Replacement in Sandy Utah

Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning will only sell you a system that is fit and sized properly for your home.  Our experienced and qualified team will design a system that is efficient and powerful enough to keep your home comfortably heated while minimizing your usage and maintenance costs.

We are pleased to offer you a complementary consultation if you feel your system is having issues or is ten or more years old.  We staff only knowledgeable and experienced technicians.  Our team will conduct a thorough and complete inspection of your HVAC system.  We will evaluate your needs and offer any recommendations to your system to elevate your quality of comfort, all while keeping your budget in mind.

Leave it to Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning to take care of your furnace and HVAC needs.  Place your trust in us and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with your warm, comfortable home and your efficiently functioning system.