Heating Repair Services Sandy

Nobody wants to deal with a heating repair in the dead of winter.  Worse yet, no one should have to deal with a non-working furnace. Consider it part of your autumn house prep work to get the furnace tested.

A furnace can use steam, hot water or air to heat a residence. Most furnaces in the US rely on natural gas for fuel, but there’s also wood, electricity, coal, oil and liquefied petroleum gas.

Furnaces today are as high as 98 percent efficient, but only if they’re working properly. Since furnaces use a complex system along with potentially dangerous fuels, it’s important that only a licensed contractor take care of repairs and replacing parts.

However, there are a few problems that can cause a heating repair.

Need A Heating Repair? Here is  What to Expect

There are literally hundreds of reasons why a furnace might not be working properly. Some reasons are more common than others:

  • Thermostat Issues: A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to little or no heat, a non-working fan and can make people pretty uncomfortable. This can be a very fast and cheap fix, or it might require more extensive repairs. The only way to find out is with an inspection.
  • Air flow issues: Air flow can be compromised from belts, bearings or fan motors. Any of these problems lead to overheating and little control over the heat.
  • Dirty Air Filters: It’s paramount that air filters are changed on a regular basis—this is determined based on use. The good news is that changing air filters is the one task homeowners can do safely and quickly.
  • Pilot/Ignition Issues: If the furnace isn’t being ignited, regardless of how that occurs on your particular model, there will be no heat.
  • Subpar Maintenance: “Unexpected” breakdowns or non-optimized furnaces are often the result of little to no maintenance.

Regular tune ups are required to keep furnaces safe. Keep them functioning and to preserve their lifespan and can help avoid a heating repair. Otherwise, there’s no telling when a minor problem will turn into a major one.

Before the chill of winter arrives, ensure that the furnace has been maintained with some TLC by Sandy Heating and Air Conditioning in Sandy City, Utah!