The Myriad of Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

The Benefits of a Furnace Installation

Homeowners considering a furnace installation, either to replace an outdated system or for a new construction, may be pleased to find out that a high-efficiency furnace comes with a myriad of benefits. Compared to inefficient and/or older systems, today’s furnaces use about 30 percent less fuel and instantly save you on consumption and monthly bills. However, the average new heating system is only around 75 percent efficient, and you can easily choose a high-efficiency system for an even lighter carbon footprint and more savings in the long haul.

Regardless of the model you choose, bear in mind that natural gas and oil prices will continue to rise. Think about your future consumption and costs to figure out how a high-efficiency furnace becomes an investment that pays off potentially for decades. It is not unusual for some regions to experience over a 40 percent increase in energy costs, particularly if propane or fuel oil is used in the home. However, new furnaces provide many more benefits than simply efficiency.

Keeping Quiet

Homeowners who have nightmares from growing up with an old furnace know how loud they can be. That is no longer the case, since the new models feature a much quieter operation. Additionally, heat is more evenly distributed and newer models can sustain their heat with ease. However, even the most efficient new furnaces still require proper installation to ensure optimal heating capacity. Correct installation means a furnace with a lower BTU rating can still perform well if it is ranked as highly efficient.

Don’t forget to look for tax credits and perks for choosing a high-efficiency model, but be aware that they change each year. Check with your accountant or the IRS for the latest information on credits for high-efficiency models. Also keep in mind that the best way to protect your investment is with routine cleanings and inspections. This is the only way to make sure fuel consumption and utility bills remain as low as possible. Plus, these inspections ensure carbon monoxide is not leaking, although a carbon monoxide alarm is also highly recommended.

Insulation First

To make the most of your new furnace, be sure that your home has solid insulation. This works in tandem with a high-efficiency furnace to get the most savings. An audit that includes checking overall insulation, ductwork integrity, window/door heat loss tendencies and passive solar energy should be included in a thorough inspection. Once complete, homeowners know exactly what to do to make the most of their new furnace.

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