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5 Things To Look For in an Air Conditioning Contractor

Choosing an air conditioning contractor is not like selecting dessert. You may not be happy with what you end up with, and the reality is that you deserve a positive experience with your HVAC system. Even “simple” window box units can be a pain to install (and, worse, they can be a big liability if they are not installed securely). Most homeowners do a solid amount of research when figuring out the best air conditioner for them, then drop the ball when it comes to contractors.

The best approach is to start by selecting a contractor who can help match you with the best A/C system for your home. One of the biggest mistakes is getting the wrong size unit for your home — too small and you cannot properly cool; too big and you are wasting resources and money. Consider this your cheat sheet to finding the best air conditioning contractor for you.

1. Go local.

A local, family owned business that features neighborhood contractors is your best bet. They know the region, understand just how hot summers can get and they have a lot more riding on each installation, compared to big-box national chains. A local contractor will also be likelier to offer more personalized service.

2. Get copies of their documents.

Different states may require certain licenses, insurance or certifications for air conditioning contractors. Check these requirements in your state, then make sure your potential contractor has what is needed. It is not enough to simply ask about their credentials — actually get copies of everything so you protect yourself in case of a problem.

3. Get 24/7 support.

This does not mean you necessarily want your A/C installed at 3 a.m. on a Saturday, but what if your system goes out in the middle of a heat wave? The option for emergency, around-the-clock services should be available. At the very least, make sure your contractor does his or her best to work around your schedule. This is a sign that they put the customer first (and not profits).

4. Check third-party review sites.

Perusing testimonials on the contractor’s website does not mean much. After all, they won’t put any bad reviews up there. You can get a more diverse opinion by taking a look at third-party review sites like Angie’s List or Yelp. You do not necessarily need 100 percent glowing reviews, but look at how the company responds to complaints and the overall theme of the reviews.

5. Take a look at their social media.

Social media profiles are where you get a feel for a contractor’s/businesses’ professional personality. You may find you have a strong preference once you check out a few different profiles.

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