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Many Ways To Simply Reduce Your Energy Costs

Reducing My Energy Costs

Each month when that utility bill unapologetically and unrelentingly shows up in your mailbox, it can trigger some reflection on your energy consumption. Perhaps, you ponder about your energy conservation efforts. “How can I reduce my energy costs?” This question may surprise you with how simply the answers can be. There are many ways to simply and easily conserve energy and drastically reduce your monthly bill.

Here are several ways to increase your energy conservation specifically when it comes to your heating and air conditioning.  Most of the energy used in your home is dedicated to your HVAC.

Energy Conservation

Keep your vents open and clean

By using and replacing filters when necessary, you keep the air clean inside your home and eliminate any obstructions in your vents. Make sure all of your vents are open so the air can more freely throughout your home without added effort and strain on your system. Good air flow will increase your energy conservation.

Using your ceiling fans!

Your fans can also aid in creating good air flow. In the summertime, use fans to push hot air up and out by spinning counter-clockwise. In the wintertime, push hot air back down and trapping the heat by running the fan clockwise. Correctly using your ceiling fans means reducing the amount of effort your heating and air conditioning system needs to keep your home comfortable. This will save you money and wear on the unit.

Take advantage of your thermostat

By lowering the temperature at night when no one is home or when people are sleeping, you can save an impressive amount of energy. Try changing your thermostat from 75 degrees to 70, which can save you up to 10 percent in heating costs. If you really want to take advantage of your thermostat, install one that is programmable. By programming temperatures to automatically adjust during slower hours, you can save a bunch of money each year while increasing your energy conservation.

Keep your HVAC system running smoothly

with regular maintenance and speedy repairs. Nothing will throw a wrench in your energy conservation plans like a heating or air conditioning system that isn’t running smoothly. Contact the professionals at Complete Heating and Air for regular maintenance and any repair issues you may have. With a one year parts and labor warranty, you can rest easy knowing your system is in reliable and qualified

Draw your curtains at night

This is so simple and takes seconds to do. Closing your curtains will insulate your windows from cool nighttime temperatures.

Seal and insulate your home

Doing this will make a big impact financially and is often simple enough to do yourself. When your home is well insulated and sealed, the comfort and air quality in your home will improve. With a more stable temperature you will conserve energy.

Keep lights off in unoccupied rooms

I remember growing up my dad was constantly reminding us to shut off the lights in the house.  Now as an adult I’m constantly reminding my children the same thing.  I can usually gauge how well we’re doing with the lights because it directly reflects on my energy bill.

By following these simple tips, not only will you increase your energy conservation and save money, but you may also be eligible for tax breaks. You will increase the comfort of your home, reduce pollution, and relive the demand on your wallet.

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