What Are The Advantages Of Smart Thermostats?

How Can a Smart Thermostat Save You Money and Time?

Unless you’ve done your research, smart thermostats can remain a bit of a mystery. What makes them better than a traditional thermostat and how are they “smart”? There are many benefits to a smart thermostat, but two of the biggest benefits to investing in one is the amount of money and time you will save.

Saves you money

Upfront a smart thermostat is going to cost more than a traditional or programmable thermostat. But investing in such a high-tech piece will save you money in the long run. How?

A smart thermostat really starts to save you money when you begin to take advantage of all of the information and technology available to you through a smart thermostat. First off a smart thermostat is, well, smart. It learns your behaviors and habits. Over time, it can predict what temperatures you prefer and when you prefer it.

Like a programmable thermostat, you can set your smart thermostat to specific temperatures at specific times of day. This will help you save on energy and your energy bills by avoiding wasteful heating or cooling when no one is around to enjoy it.

But one thing that sets the smart thermostat apart from a programmable one is that your smart thermostat will be able to tell you just how much energy you’re using before your bill arrives. If you really want to stick to a certain amount on your next bill, following the direct feedback from your smart thermostat will get you there.

Besides real-time energy consumption, your smart thermostat can inform you and self-adjust to unique circumstances. For example, excess humidity, or an extra heat in the kitchen if you’re baking. By making adjustments and corrections automatically you will have a more consistent temperature and be able to save more on your monthly bills. Don’t forget the ability to remotely access your thermostat from your smartphone!

Saves you time

Your smart thermostat will save you lots of time. Think of all the automatic adjustments your smart thermostat has the ability to make – and it makes them on its own! If you had a traditional thermostat or even a programmable one, you would still have to manually adjust the temperature for special circumstances like baking, humidity, changes in the weather, etc. It may only take a few seconds to make adjustments on your thermostat but it all adds up to time you’re spending pressing buttons!

One of the biggest ways your smart thermostat can save you time is by thinking for you. If your thermostat has the ability to calculate and predict energy usage, it means you don’t have to do any tracking or calculating yourself. You can leave the time you spend thinking about how and when to set your thermostat instead to your thermostat. This gives you the freedom to think about other things while giving you the most efficient and money-saving thermostat available.

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