5 Ways To Extend The Life of Your Furnace

5 Ways To Extend The Life of Your Furnace

A heating system makes your home a warm and comfortable place to be. When it breaks down, temperature conditions can be miserable. But with a few simple practices, you can keep your running longer. Keep your home warm and cozy all winter long as your HVAC works to meet your home’s needs. When your furnace is working well, you’ll bring down energy bills, keep it around longer, and have a more comfortable living space.

1. Replace filters often.

Furnace filters can easily build up dust and debris as they filter the air that blows into your home. These filters keep your air clean, but when they’re dirty it gets harder and harder for your HVAC to blow air through them—they need to be replaced regularly. Don’t make your furnace work harder to get your air to you. Replacing your filter can be done in just a few minutes, it’s an easy task. You should be charging your filter about every three months. However, this will differ based on your living situation. If you have pets, that means pet hair flying through your air vents; your filter may need to be replaced more often.

2. Seal any air leaks.

Don’t pay to keep your home warm and then let the air escape to the frigid outdoors. When there are air leaks in your home, your furnace will have to work harder to heat the space; this is very common in old houses. You may benefit from replacing an old window or uneven door. Do what you can to seal the air in your house to keep it warm through the cold season and save your furnace from working harder. It will also bring down those heating bills!

3. Give it a break.

Your furnace needs breaks too. Running your system 24/7 will lead it to wear down faster. Once in a while, give it some downtime. You could program it to take a few hours break during the day when you aren’t home. Taking advantage of space heaters may also help. However you do it, just give it a little downtime once in a while.

4. Schedule regular inspections.

An advanced system like an HVAC should have a regular inspection to keep it running strong. You can have the peace of mind that it’s running at its highest capacity. Because the furnace is used so much during the winter months, it may be a good idea to have it inspected in the fall, be sure that you won’t run into any hiccups when you need your heating system the most. Avoid freezing nights with the insurance that you furnace is ready for winter.

5. Create good air circulation in your house.

Having good ventilation throughout your home will make your HVAC’s job easier. Remove any obstructions from airways, don’t block air vents, and keep doors open. Good air circulation will keep your house ventilated, give your HVAC a break, and help to reduce the risk of mold and bacterial growth in your home.